Evan Widloski http://evanw.org/ Evan's projects remarkable_pdflets http://github.com/evidlo/remarkable_pdflets dynamically generate PDFs from bash ipython-cells http://github.com/uiuc-sine/ipython-cells Jupyter-like cell execution for ipython shell remarkable_keyboard http://github.com/evidlo/remarkable_keyboard scrape keyboard events on reMarkable tablet to control X11 desktop cereal http://github.com/evidlo/cereal my weird, old static website generator from undergrad built on yaml remarkable_mouse http://github.com/evidlo/remarkable_mouse scrape mouse events on reMarkable tablet to control X11 desktop passhole http://github.com/evidlo/passhole KeePass CLI tool inspired by pass legoman http://github.com/evidlo/legoman minimalist static website generator DAS projects/doorbot/index.html Dorm automation system Purdue IEEE Application Board projects/applicationboard/index.html application board for Purdue ROV team IEEE Motor Controllers projects/motorcontroller/index.html thruster motor controller for Purdue ROV team Powerline Transmission Prototype projects/powerline/index.html powerline communications for Purdue ROV team Drawbotio Drawing Robot projects/drawbotio/index.html hackathon drawing robot Multi-day Flight Tethered Drone projects/tether/index.html High Altitude Balloon Radio projects/balloon/index.html HAB communications node for Purdue rocketry team Dumpster Diving projects/dump/index.html Scores from the dump Radiation Chamber H-Bridge projects/nuke/index.html Binary Clock projects/binaryclock/index.html wooden binary clock from scraps DIY Aluminum casting projects/casting/index.html